Promoting Good Health and Independence

Enabling people to enjoy the highest quality of life possible, regardless of physical infirmities, is our sole passion and mission at Tender Hands Home Care of Loganville, GA. Our staff specializes in home care services, providing everything from medication assistance to daily living needs.

Our staff specializes in home care, providing everything from medication assistance to daily living needs.

There are two forms of experience – physical and intellectual. We only employ those with both, meaning they have to have a great deal of on the job experience in addition to succeeding academically.

We bring our team to you at the best rates possible, often covered by insurance.

Our office, and nursing staff, are available around the clock. If you need assistance, or have a question, all you have to do is dial our office. A member of team will help you immediately.

Constantly Improving

The health care field is constantly learning new ways and means of promoting good health and sociability, especially with those facing chronic illnesses or age related issues. We make sure that every member of our staff receives continuous training, guaranteeing that the highest level of care is provided for all of our clients.

When you choose a nurse or personal care provider from our company, you can feel secure in knowing that the person walking through your door is among the most highly educated and experienced in the field.